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Education Aid

The first years of the 2000's represent a critical, challenging and defining moment for humanity. On the one hand enormous problems and difficulties still remain on the global agenda: war, violence, disease, ignorance, unemployment, poverty, civil and political conflict, crime, world hunger, the degradation of nature and the environment, drug abuse, despair, militant nationalism and racialism, inner city problems, violence and sexual abuse against women and children, religious conflicts..... In the aftermath of the tragic events of September 11th 2001, and the continuing conflict in the Middle East the global situation remains poised on a knife-edge.
At the same time we all know that there are answers to these problems. Details apart, all who think long and clearly can see that education holds the key to the future: education, in all its variety, complexity and depth: - formal and informal - scientific, ethical and spiritual - from primary school and kindergarten, through secondary and up to higher education and the work of Universities and beyond.
The problem is that education is itself in crisis. Funding resources for education, on a global and national level, are never given the priority they deserve. Too few resources are stretched to do more and more. Schooling suffers in quality as resources diminish. Teachers' time is taken up more and more with administrative detail, such that the subtle art of teaching and inspiring minds to wonder and to question for themselves becomes a luxury few experience. Authorities argue about the role of religion in education. University education remains the privilege of the few, and one which becomes increasingly expensive to obtain. At the same time large proportions of the world's population struggle with illiteracy and the daily tasks of basic survival.


This major new initiative is designed to help all of us generate both practical funding resources and new inspiration for educational work nationwide, and globally. All can play a part in this project, enjoy themselves, learn together in the process, and also help provide the financial basis for the massive educational development of our human intellectual and social wealth which the world situation so desperately needs. E.A. is designed from inception as a global initiative, drawing on the best educational traditions of each continental region: Europe, North & Latin America, Australasia, Africa, the Middle East, Central Asia, Russia, South and East Asia...
First developed as a result of a feasibility study conducted at the Institute of Education, University of London, Education Aid is developing a simultaneous annual fundraising networking initiative among the world's formal (and informal) educational structures. Modelled on existing fundraising initiatives in other sectors (e.g. Live Aid, Band Aid, Comic Relief, Children in Need) we feel it is time that the world's educational sector utilised its tremendous resources by organising imaginative events in educational institutions world-wide: schools, colleges, universities, academies, research institutes etc. as both fundraising events, and as important educational happenings in their own right.
All these events will be open to and supported and sponsored by the general public and by companies, businesses and charities, involving attractive and interesting conferences, lectures, seminars, exhibitions, etc. on the contributions which education can make to the re-building of a troubled world too long suffering from the ravages of war, poverty, famine, illiteracy and fear.
All funds raised from Education Aid events will be donated solely towards educational work in the places where this is most needed e.g. schools, universities and communities which cannot afford teachers or basic textbooks etc.. A certain agreed percentage of funds raised locally by participating institutions would be retained by the fundraising Institution concerned for immediate educational use. The balance will go to the overall charity pool of funds (retained in each country of origin) to be spent on worthwhile educational events throughout the country concerned, with a percentage also going abroad (varying according to the countries GDP). Criteria for awarding such funds are being developed by the Trust, in consultation with a board of Advisors and senior educationalists.


What sort of events could be included ? Concerts, exhibitions, theatrical and artistic performances in general, scientific lectures and demonstrations - in schools, libraries, museums, village halls, training centres, hospitals, company offices, religious centres, churches, mosques, gurdwaras, temples, ashrams, synagogues - wherever people come together for learning ! Television, internet, radio, newspapers: such media will also be involved in sharing and disseminating the most significant of such events to a mass audience. For the educational superstars there could be, e.g. simultaneous live satellite debates on matters of critical educational and spiritual significance. The challenge facing Education Aid is exciting and awesome: no less than organising the world's enormous reserves of creativity, intellect and educational wisdom for the collective good of the global community.


1. To support and advance the work of educators and educational institutions worldwide through an international cooperative fundraising initiative
2. To promote innovative and visionary educational initiatives worldwide
3. To work alongside official governmental and intergovernmental educational authorities, to stimulate and encourage parents, children, students and staff to mobilise their energies and enthusiasm for concerted educational fundraising events on an annual simultaneous basis
4. To raise the long term credibility and profile and morale of educators and students worldwide
5. To support and encourage the development of ethically engaged and socially responsible complementary pedagogies alongside the more conventional academic curriculums
6. To encourage and support both the state sector in education and also the independent sector, without seeking to provide substitutes to statutory governmental funding regimes
7. To fund creative initiatives in education, including the establishment of new schools, colleges, departments and educational projects, which fulfill the criteria of selection of the Trust
8. To fund innovative research and development projects in education which have a direct effect on advancing the quality of life of people worldwide, including the following fields:
1. Peace, conflict resolution, nonviolence and mediation studies
2. Environmental education and ecology
3. Human rights education
4. Gender studies and peacemaking between the sexes, women's rights, love and altruism research
5. Interfaith and religious education
6. Development studies, economics, politics and international law and international relations
7. Multiracial and multicultural education
8. Scientific, medical and technological research and development for a sustainable future
9. Global historiography & philosophy
10. Social sciences, the humanities, the arts etc.
11. To support the establishment of national and international centres of educational excellence concerned with the study and promotion of peace education at all levels of the curriculum

As an Educational Aid Networker, you will be based at or allocated to, a particular School or Institute or centre, and charged with organising a local Events Committee. Write to us and ask us for further information, enclosing a stamped addressed envelope and information about your own educational work, or send us an email.

A core committee of committed educationalists and internationalists associated with the work of the International Institute of Peace Studies and Global Philosophy has been formed to advance the work of Education Aid. Further nominees and volunteers are welcome. Education Aid is designed as a cooperative effort involving the concerted good will of many actors and individuals concerned to make a difference to planetary problems through the power of education and learning.

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